sineann, cabernet sauvignon

So I work in advertising and because I work in advertising I by default get to work with some really cool people. This weekend we went on a ski trip to Belleayre Mountain. We’re all at different levels, but no matter what we have a good time and at the end of the day we make family dinner. A colleague was up in the area this weekend so he came over for dinner and brought some red wine. AND MAN was it GOOD. He brought a 2004 Seineann, Cabernet Saugvinon. He had originally purchased it to give to his nephew when he turned 21 (i.e. his nephew is 15 now), but luckily he couldn’t help himself and brought this magnificent bottle of wine over to share with all of us.


We’re all about no bad vibes as an agency. Be good, be kind, be fearless. Sineann’s philosophy is a little different, but I think the end goal is still the same “food and drink, lovingly prepared, make for happier and healthier people”. This couldn’t be truer. We sat around lovingly and happily while we sipped on this fabulous bottle of well-aged wine and had great conversation. A weekend for the books. A wine for the wall.



wine name: sineann ((shuh-NAY-uhn))

vintage: 2004

style/type: cabernet sauvignon

country/region: columbia valley

price: N/A – a colleague bought the wine in 2004; however, a bottle of 2014 Cab. S. currently goes for $30 according to their website


  • clarity: We, unfortunately, didn’t have a decanter and to be fair we were a little too lazy to rig something together with a coffee filter, so there was a bit of sediment, but it wasn’t bad. Overall though no fault detected
  • intensity: DEEEEEEPPPPPPP
  • color: Ruby on its way into garnett land. Towards the rim of the glass there were obvious dark orange hues


  • condition: It was clean and well-aged
  • intensity: Medium intensity
  • aromas: Is heaven an answer? Ok soo maybe not, but on the nose, it had wafting aromas of dark + stewed fruit. A little bit of an earthiness to it, but nothing overpowering


  • sweetness: I mean sure, it was dry, but so incredibly fruit forward that I was curious if it had any residual sugar. I assume it didn’t, but we’re always trained to say that red wine is dry. What if it’s not!?
  • acidity + tannin level: Medium acidity and medium + tannins
  • body: Very round. The body was there and still holding
  • flavors: All the dark fruits. A little bit of leather + game. It was excactly what you would expect from a 15 year aged, cab sav from the west coast. If I hadn’t known it was from Columbia Valley (which I think is Washington State, but the Producer is in Oregon), I would have guessed it was a Napa Valley Cab
  • finish: Silky with a lingering blackberry finish. My-oh-my…

conclusion: As they say on their website under the 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine will age well. YOU BET IT AGES WELL. This wine was outstanding. It was still complex, the tannins were still kicking, and the fruit was still there. I’d be interested to see how it taste in another 5 years as well. 

❤ happy tasting

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