emma reichart, dry riesling

Gosh, I was probably 10 or 11 the last time I had a lemonade stand. Every summer when I was younger, we would go to my Aunt Becky’s for a week. We called it camp Becky. Maria, Rachel, Danny, and I (all within 2 years of age of each other) would just hang out, catch up, and play. Typical young kid stuff.

Camp Becky – Year unknown (but obviously orange zip off pants were cool) Danny, Rachel, Maria, Aunt Becky, ME, + Mae

One summer we had a lemonade stand. I remember we rode bikes to the store to pick up that powdered lemonade that you mix with water and VIOLA, lemonade. Not gonna lie, I don’t remember how it tasted, but I do remember we had 1 customer that day. We definitely did not break even. Drinking this wine reminded me of that day.

All of us in 2011 (my sense of style obviously evolved) – Maria, Rachel, ME, + Danny

wine name: emma reichart

vintage: 2018

style/type: dry riesling

country/region: germany

price: $5


  • clarity: For sure clear
  • intensity: And very pale in color
  • color: If I had to call it anything it would be lemon yellow

ME in 2019 [style digression (if that’s a real word) to owl print, multicolored, Patagonia pullovers… at least I have a glass of wine in hand!]

  • condition: Definitely clean
  • intensity: With a medium nose. It’s there but not super pronounced.
  • aromas: This wine had an array of aromas such as lemon/citrus, grass, green apple, minerality, dare I say….chlorine?
I obviously just learned how to use captions in WordPress (…moves to having a bottle in hand)


  • sweetness: Maybe if it was sweet I’d like it more? But it was dry
  • acidity + tannin level: OH WOW it had high, high, high acidity (mouth puckering) + no tannins
  • body: And it had a medium body
  • flavors: I brushed my teeth about an hour before and then decided I should drink wine so my point of view might be a little-skewed right, but it kinda tasted like I sucked on a lemon, jumped in a pool (and swallowed some chlorine), and then felt that refreshing finish you get from a good glass of lemonade. It feels weird to write what I’m described at that very minute. It feels weird to have experienced that. I assume the chlorine taste is probably from the minerality in the wine, but when I drink dry riesling I always want that almondy and silky smooth taste and this was like drinking a super acidic Pinot Gris.
  • finish: It had a medium finish… kinda wish it wouldn’t linger so long … put your shoes on and go already!

conclusion (0-5): I wish I could call this a good Riesling, but it was of borderline acceptable quality. I’d give this a 1.5. I know that some folks seek this style so I get why it has the qualities that it has, but it’s not for me, “Thank you, Next!”


❤ happy tasting

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  2. Merry Flockhart says:

    I just had this wine and there is no chlorine taste. We all have different pallets. I am very scrutinizing about wine. Especially Riesling. Germans know how to make the best and have the awesome Rhine region and soil . I have been to Germany and a standard Riesling of good quality is perfectly balanced. Barely sweet, yet barely dry.
    Emma Reichart dry Riesling 2018 is the closest budget price German wine I have tasted that resembles what I drank in Germany. It hints at sweet but never gets there and the finish is dry, but not overly dry. It is smooth, crisp, minerally, lemon zest and tangerine tang. This goes great with sharp white cheddar and apple slices. Also with thinly sliced pork or a white fish, like cod. I give it a 3.8 out of 5…great find.

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