pardo, mencia

In October of 2017, I went to Scotland. Man, if I could pick up and just move, I would. Unfortunately, I’m an adult with a life and responsibilities…so that’s out of the question, BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t love it there. Besides being a big Harry Potter buff, I also have a huge love for castles, cathedrals, and all gothic architecture.


I went to the oldest church in Scotland, the Glasgow Cathedral. It was built sometime around the 12th century and if I remember correctly I think St. Mungos bones were buried there for a hot minute before they were moved. Needless to say, this church has some incredible history and is the epitome of gothic architecture. I give you this background so you have an idea of what I’m envisioning as I sip this wine.

wine name: pardo

vintage: 2014  (supposedly an excellent year according to the D.O. Bierzo)

style/type: mencía

country/region: spain

price: $22


  • clarity: Clear
  • intensity: Very deep. There’s no way I could read anything through this wine
  • color: It’s a very deep ruby red that bleeds to more of a blood red closer to the glass. I’m kind of reminded of an ombre stained glass. Hmmmm… church windows??!!


  • condition: This wine is clean. No funk in my cup
  • intensity: And it also has medium intensity. I definitely smell something, so I know it’s there but it doesn’t linger long
  • aromas: OK so this is where I’m going to describe what it was like to walk into that Cathedral in Scotland. It reminds me of a church in a good way. Those smells of incense, dark wood, red velvet pews, and green leather-bound church hymn books. An incredible site and sensation to smell


  • sweetness: Very dry. That dry taste that you would think of if you could taste incense
  • acidity + tannin level: This wine has very high acidity with medium tannins. I wouldn’t say they are balanced super well, but they do compliment each other
  • body: It also has a medium body
  • flavors: All of the aromas that I smelled are here in the taste. To actualize the flavors I’d say I taste tart red cherries, spices, leather, tar, bell peppers. Everything that you picture within a church or cathedral
  • finish: And it had the perfect length. It wasn’t too short or overly long. It was a medium length and by the time it was gone I knew I wanted more. I guess that’s why I’m halfway through the bottle right now

conclusion: I think this wine deserves a 3.5. It’s really good. I think its an acquired taste like Malbec. You have to keep drinking it to get used to it, but the more you drink it the more you like it. I can understand why this was an excellent year and would be intrigued to try a not so good year. Does that mean its more tart or softer? I guess that just means I need to keep tasting wine!

❤ happy tasting

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