ruth lewandowski, dinos to diamonds

So, I’m 100% obsessed with Marissa Ross. I follow her on Instagram, I read her blog, and I just bought her book. I’m probably a couple years behind the bandwagon, but I love the way she writes about wine and expresses her opinions on wine. That said, I have no idea how I stumbled upon her blog, but I think I was just looking for cool and unique wines and found an article she wrote about Dinos to Diamonds back in December of 2017. I saw the label, read her thoughts on it, and checked out the manufacturer.


Every year the wine goes extinct. It’s a natural wine produced by Evan Lewandowski. According to what I could find, this wine is “made with carbonically macerated Calaveras County Picpoul aged for 7 months in neutral barrels” and then driven across in a u-haul to Utah where it’s bottled. On top of that, all of the profit is donated to charity.  It’s kinda cool to try a wine like that…


wine name: dinos to diamonds

vintage: 2017

style/type: picpoul

country/region: california/utah

price: $37


  • clarity: This was the first hazy/unfiltered wine I’ve tried. I don’t feel like it made that big of an impact to my tasting of the wine, but it was interesting to see the difference when observing the wine.
  • intensity: And it had a super deep color. Very vibrant against the turquoise and white label. It’s almost like that was done on purpose…
  • color: The color was goldenrod, mellow like yellow. Don’t eat the yellow snow!


  • condition: The condition of the wine was clean but unlike anything I’d smelled before.
  • intensity: It had an incredibly intense and overwhelming aroma.
  • aromas: If I could compare the aroma to anything it would be the smell of cider or a goose sour beer.


  • sweetness: I want to say it was off-dry. I wouldn’t say it was necessarily sweet but there was something to it that would lead me to believe it wasn’t just a regular dry wine.
  • acidity + tannin level: Definitely no tannins, but it had a medium acidity.
  • flavors: Ahh and it definitely tasted like cider. My work wife and I decided we couldn’t wait at first for it to cool dow so our initial tasting was warm. I would recommend drinking it cold (as I did for my second glass). And man was it amazing. Tasting it was like that feeling you get in the middle of summer, sitting in the middle of a field of sunflowers, warm weather, and dipping your toes in a cold lake or river. Essentially happiness, but on a more literal note lots of lemon, green apple, and tart cider. Basically the same thing!
  • finish: I’d say this wine had a medium+ finish

conclusion: I don’t have anything else to compare this wine too so in my book this wine was a 5. It tasted well balanced, unique, and different. Who knows if I’ll get to try a wine like this again anytime soon or ever since it’s supposedly going extinct this year. I wonder what next year has to bring!?

❤ happy tasting

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