rating system

Good wine is subjective to the taster. I myself have only recently gotten to the point where I enjoy the complex characteristics of wine. Six years ago I’d taste a wine and think, “this is just AWFUL,” but I’ve come to realize, that maybe it was just an acidic or full bodied wine that I wasn’t used to. Any-who I try to give wine a chance now, but I’ll always judge a bottle first off of its bulb. It’s silly, but it’s been ingrained in my brain that a deep wine bottle bulb will always ensure a good wine. So far it seems to work!


Moving on to something a bit more methodical, there’s such a thing as the 100 point scale which is known for scoring wine off of production quality and the wines traits (region and style). According to wine folly the scale starts at 50 points and never includes wines that rank below 80 points. The scale is as follows:

  • 50-59: wines are flawed and undrinkable
  • 60-69: wines are flawed and not recommended but drinkable
  • 70-79: wines are flawed and taste average
  • 80-84: wines are ‘above average’ to ‘good’
  • 85-90: wines are ‘good’ to ‘very good’
  • 90-94: wines are ‘superior’ to ‘exceptional’
  • 95-100: wines are benchmark examples or ‘classic’

I’m not gonna lie, this is a bit complex, so I’ve taken it a step further an broken my rating scale down into a very simple way. I have a 5 glass rating system* I use to judge any wine I drink. On a scale of 0-5, how many full glasses of wine would I want to drink?

0 – This wine needs to be poured down the sink and forever forgotten

1 – This wine should be returned to whomever it was purchased from

2 – If I throw up from this wine I’m not going to be mad, but I’ll know why I threw up

3 – I’d drink this at work

4 – I’d be open to sharing the bottle, but I really have to like you

5 – No one should plan to get a glass of this wine. It’s all mine and I will be finishing the full bottle

❤ happy rating

*Subject to changes post-WSET course

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