ruby red, rosé

Sometimes you find a bottle of wine that you really just don’t like. It may or may not have anything to really do with the wine and just personal preferences. This wine was that for me and somehow I’m that odd man. According to the reviews I’ve found, everyone else loves it. Now I have a theory about this. The alcohol percentage is low, like 8% and when tasting it, there’s a higher level of sugar to it that I wasn’t anticipating. Does this sound like any type of wine you’ve had before? Does White Zinfandel ring a bell?

I have a feeling that the reason folks like this wine is because it reminds them of grapefruit soda. It’s sweet, and a step up from soda, and even though the alcohol percentage is low, it’s still there. This is the perfect example of why you should not pick wine because of the label. Another red flag, it was on the bottom shelf next to the pre-made sangria. People, learn from my mistakes.

wine name: ruby red

style/type: rosé

country/region: france

price: $7


  • clarity: Clear
  • intensity: Medium
  • color: Grapefruit pink/orangy


  • condition: Definitely clean, nothing funky going on with it.
  • intensity: Holy shit is this pronounced. I unscrewed the top and got wafting smells of grapefruit. It was inane.
  • aromas: I truly could only smell grapefruit. But not sour grapefruit. That kind of grapefruit your mom gives you in the morning loaded with honey and makes you eat with that fancy grapefruit spoon.



  • sweetness: It was kinda off dry. I couldn’t determine if I was just tasting honey flavors or if it fact had some sugar. I looked it up afterward and it appears folks do rate it as a little sweet. So I guess I’m not crazy. Sugar is coming.
  • acidity + tannin level: It had medium acidity, no tannins, but definitely sugar to balance out the acidity. Low alcohol.
  • body: This wine had a full body. Like if you were to pour honey in your mouth and hold it before swallowing.
  • flavors: The flavors reminded me of when I used to own a car. I’d go to the carwash and they would put one of those air fresheners in it to make it smell pretty. Well, imagine it being a grapefruit flavored air freshener. AND to take it a step further the grapefruit citrus notes mixed with the sweeter flavors like honey and melon would probably have made me throw up if I was hung over.
  • finish: Overall it had a medium+ finish. It stayed a little too long with me. Sometimes you just want to kick that wine out and it takes forever to put its coat and shoes on to leave.


conclusion: I’d give this wine a 2.5. From everything I have read, it has some pretty great reviews. Now maybe its just me, but I wanted it to be a little bit more tart. Like a dry rosé with hints of grapefruit instead of a grapefruit mixed with grape juice. I do want to note that from what I’ve read this is actually pretty good mixed with champagne or prosecco. I’m going to keep the bottle and try it was some champagne later. I imagine it will be similar to adding St. Germain to Champagne to bring out the flavor. Let’s hope that experience is better!

❤ happy tasting

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