red blends, bordeaux style

I hosted a wine tasting back in November and our guests’ favorite varietal turned out to be a red blend, Bordeaux style. From that, I created a custom and curated tasting event specific to our guests favorite type of wine.


I ended up choosing a range of 4 wines that embodied the essence of a Bordeaux red blend and had new + old world attributes.

  • Chateau Aney 2013
    • This wine originates from the left bank of Bordeaux so the Cabernet grape is more prominent in the blend. It’s a true old world red wine. There were strong notes of pepper, earth, and vegetables.
      • Medium tannins, medium finish
  • Chateau Preiure-Lichine 2015
    • I tasted this wine in my level 2 WSET. Though it’s an old world wine (left bank Beaurdeux as well), it’s still had earthy notes, just not as pronounced as the first wine. It also had deeper notes of dark fruit.
      • Dry, medium acidity, high tannins, long finish
  • Banshee 2015
    • Then we moved to Califonia to have a new world 100% Cabernet. It was oaked with notes of blackberry and vanilla.  It also aged well. This was a crowd pleaser and another wine I had enjoyed during my WSET course.
      • Dry, high acidity, full body
  • The Prisoner 2016
    • This honestly used to be one of my favorite wines, but being the last wine we tasted, it was a bit jammy in comparison to the first three. This California wine is a unique red blend, incorporating Zinfandel into the mix. It had lovely notes of vanilla, cherry, and dark chocolate. Unfortunately, this was the least favorite of the day; however, I feel strongly if it had been tasted on its own, or first, it would have been a crowd pleaser.
      • Full body, long finish, medium tannins


Part of hosting a wine tasting is making sure there’s an outlet to record your experience. For this event, we created custom, branded, tasting mats. We even added little plus signs to fill in how much you liked the wine!


Wine tasting events can be fun and casual or as custom and tailored to your audience as they want it to be. No matter what, always have fun. There’s no such thing as a bad wine tasting. It’s just what you make of it and take away from the event!

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