guest feature – mara frey: prophecy, goddess of fortune rosé

Happy National Wine Day!!!

Today we have a guest featured post! My best friend, Mara Frey, who I might add turns 27 this weekend (happy birthday!) conducted a tasting for us all to enjoy!


The best part of modern wines is that it’s ok to pick based on the label, and that is exactly what I did when I found Prophecy. I’m currently into finding my “Inner Goddess” (as are all female millennials) and so of course as I am staring at the refrigerated wines in my local liquor store I am drawn to a beautiful pink rosé named Goddess of Fortune. The sweet delicate label and the thrifty price had me sold. I can tell you that the bottle did not last more than a night and this tasting was done with my second purchase of this sweet delicate delight. I hope you can take time to find your own Prophecy and enjoy!

wine name: prophecy, goddess of fortune

vintage: 2017

style/type: rosé

country/region: france

price: $12



  • clarity (clear or hazy): clear
  • intensity (pale, medium, or deep): medium
  • color (describe the shade of the wine): delicate bright pink


  • condition (clean or unclean): clean and subtle
  • intensity (light, medium, strong): light/medium once activated
  • aromas (what do you smell): fruity apple, strawberries, melon, citrus


  • sweetness (dry, off-dry, medium, sweet): more dry, but with a light sweet flavoring to it
  • acidity + tannin level (low, medium, high): light acidity and tannin
  • body (light, medium, or full): bold
  • flavors (what do you taste): Strawberry, apples, honey and soft citrus notes left to linger on your tongue
  • finish (how long does it linger with you): light finish

conclusion (0-5): 5

2 Comments Add yours

  1. AudibleRx says:

    Love the post, pleasure to read and beautifully entertaining! Great pictures of a wonderful, prophetic, millennial goddess. Fantastic idea having a guest blogger now and again :-).

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