wine down wednesday – rosé

I am pretty enthusiastic when it comes to wine. I’m currently taking the level 2 WSET course and am a BIG fan of hosting wine tasting parties. I typically throw one once a month to help me hone in on my wine skills and share my love of wine with others. If anything its a comfortable judgment-free zone to express my thoughts out loud (however wrong they might be!).


I’ve hosted many wine nights with my friends. They’ve ranged from Crisp Whites, Italian reds, to Champagne nights. The premise is always the same. I start by choosing a category.  The category can range from something broad like French Whites to something very specific like Pinot Noirs. The wine must always be under $20, each participant has to bring a bottle, and we must fill out a tasting sheet.


In May I held a rosé tasting at my office. All vintages + regions were welcome and somehow we ended up with 15 bottles + a can of wine… not bad for an office tasting party! Everyone started out initially with an interest to taste and review, but as the night went on we tossed the wine sheets aside and just had conversations around color, smell, and flavor. Once we had tasted all of the bottles, there was nothing better than grabbing a glass of my favorite from the night, turning up the music, and dancing it out with some amazing people.


Next to come: French Whites

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