simple life, chardonnay

After a terrible cabernet tasting (post coming soon) my Mom + I figured we’d try something new. We choose the wine based off of the label. It’s simple, crisp, and light. It’s perfect for afternoon snacks in the backyard and sunset viewings at the harbor. Thank you Simple Life Simple Life for a perfect afternoon/evening wine! We ended up going back and purchasing 3 more bottles!

wine name: simple life winery

vintage: 2016

style/type: chardonnay

country/region: napa valley, ca

price: $9



  • clarity (clear or hazy): clear
  • intensity (pale, medium, or deep): deep
  • color (describe the shade of the wine): lemon quartz


  • condition (clean or unclean): clean
  • intensity (light, medium, strong): light
  • aromas (what do you smell): floral, fresh, clean linen, cotton


  • sweetness (dry, off-dry, medium, sweet): dry
  • acidity + tannin level (low, medium, high): low tannins + acidity
  • body (light, medium, or full): full body
  • flavors (what do you taste): lemon, honey due, watermelon, crisp and subtle
  • finish (how long does it linger with you): lingers in a really good way and isn’t harsh

conclusion (0-5): 5 (originally a 4 and changed after the fact)

❤ happy tasting

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