rodney strong, charlotte’s home

I’m home for the week and am spending my time with my best friend. She as well is an avid wine drinker and planned the best day… wine + burritos on the beach. She let me pick the wine and man was I wrong. Caution, this wine with burritos DOES NOT pair well.

wine name: rodney strong, charlotte’s home

vintage: 2016

style/type: Sauvignon Blanc

country/region: sonoma county

price: $12


  • clarity (clear or hazy): clear
  • intensity (pale, medium, or deep): pale
  • color (describe the shade of the wine): lemon yellow


  • condition (clean or unclean): clean
  • intensity (light, medium, strong): light
  • aromas (what do you smell): apples, floral, citrus, honey


  • sweetness (dry, off-dry, medium, sweet): way too sweet (unfinishable)
  • acidity + tannin level (low, medium, high): low tannins, medium acidity
  • body (light, medium, or full): light-medium
  • flavors (what do you taste): Melon, honey, passion fruit, some sort of herb
  • finish (how long does it linger with you): medium

conclusion (0-5): 1 (originally gave this a 2 and had to re-think my rating)


❤ happy tasting

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