brooklyn wine fest

Yesterday was the eventful Brooklyn Wine Fest and man was it a good time. It’s not easy to get to Greenpoint from the UES, but it was definitely worth it. From the Q, to the L, to a mile walk later, my pal Jen and I met up at the Brooklyn Expo Center. We got there a little early so we decided to grab a quick drink a the Greenpoint Brewery. I opted for their rosè cider to stick with the wine theme of the day and low-and-behold it was Wölffer Dry Rosè Cider, the same brand of wine I had yesterday!


We sat outside to enjoy our drinks in the sun and then at 1pm we made our way over to the event. After standing in line for a quick 10 minutes we were in. We had devised a plan to navigate through the event, starting with reds and moving to whites, but that went out the door as soon as we walk in. The event had an array of wines, spirits, and beers with unlimited tastings for $40. It was well worth it.


A little before 4pm we decided to scoot. It was a fantastic day of positive vibes, delicious tastings, and great finds. Sometimes living in New York, you can sign up for an event and find yourself standing in line all day. Not at this event! We were able to walk up and taste whatever we wanted with minimal line waits. We had room to stand, we could enjoy each others company, and we definitely made our money back.

Exceptional Standouts from the Event

❤ happy wine events

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